It’s all about your sleeping comfort, that’s why we only use the best materials

Our unique mixture of exclusive cashmere and merino wool give you the smoothest experience.

We have chosen to work with the best imaginable materials existing today. We have cashmere and merino wool in all our products - and approved products have the well known Woolmark brand attached - the brand that guarantees that wool contains enough percentage wool per square meter. This means that apporoved Purowool’s wool products will always have at least 500 grammes pure virgin merino wool per square meter. 


You won’t get a better quality and such a luxurious one as with cashemere. Cashmere comes from a goat that lives in India and Tibet. It gives a very little amount of cashmere per year, actually around 150 grammes per goat. This wool is really thin and has to be picked by hand and that’s the reason why it’s more expensive than any other wool.

Merino wool

Merino wool sheeps come from north Africa and was imported to Spain around year 1100. Spaniards had the monopoly of all merino sheeps in Europe until year 1800. The monopoly was such that it was strictly forbidden to export the popular sheep in Spain during that time. Today we find merino sheeps all over the world and only breeds due to excelent quality of its wool.

Unique mixture of cashmere and merino wool

All our products have a unique mixture of cashmere and merino wool that give wool of Purowool a smooth and pleasant touch. Wool is actually that pleasing that many choose to sleep directly on it. You can indeed use sheets and pillowcase, just bare in mind to use natural materials such as cotton, silk or linen.