Purobed - Mattress 20 | Purobeds mattress 20 gives you maximum sleeping comfort


Our advanced visco-elastic mattress will always give you Maximum Sleep Comfort, no matter who you are.

NASA investigations have had much to do with your sleeping comfort. The visco-elastic foam was developed for astronauts. Today we know it with the name of memory foam. 

Our mattress is made, among other materials, of visco-elastic foam, a material that works under pressure and gives you maximum sleeping comfort and the support you need in the places you need.


This material was discovered with the cooperation of NASA investigations to find a material that would reduce the G force that affects astronauts. Later, many years and much money has been invested to produce the best foam for a mattress that would offer you the best sleeping quality and quality of life. 

A nature material that adjusts

A visco-elastic mattress is not soft, nor hard. It simply adjusts to your body no matter your weight. Heaviest parts of your body are hips and shoulders so they should naturally sink more in the mattress so that your back would get the best support and avoid compression of the spinal column and joints. This also means that the need of your body to turn around continuously to get the perfect position dissappears.

When you get up from this type of bed the mattress comes back to its original shape, that’s why we call visco-elastic foam, memory foam.

Purowool’s memory foam is 100% natural and does not contain any synthetic materials. This foam is made of esential oils and medicinal plants or natural origins and has been constructed as a beehive with millions of air compartments. This means that the air is pressured from underneath and goes up when it meets weight, and that gives your body the support it needs.

Mattress cover

Our mattress cover is made of a double soft, smooth and stretchy sleeve full of thermal fibers that offer your body a better comfort during the night. This material does also control the climate and has a high air circulation capacity by pressure that prevents the harmful moisture to adhere the mattress. The cover is also tested and approved by Oeko Standard 100.

The cover has a zipper discretely placed so that you can easily remove it and wash when needed.


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