Our summer quilt can be used watching television or in front of the fireplace

Our summer quilt will give you cosy moments in front of the fireplace, it will be your companion while watching a thriller on your sofa or, as it name says, it will be your summer quilt those hot months in summer.

Light and comfortable cashmere and merino wool quilt

Our summer quilt is not as thick as the wool quilt and it is not double. This makes the summer quilt much lighter and more comfortable if the temperature is higher, as in summer. You will obviously feel the same comfort and stil enjoy the wonderful sensation of the finest cashmere and merino wool.

When you sleep with the summer quilt we recommend you not to use any other materials, then you get the optimal comfort. Fibers that wool contain will give you a micromassage that will help prevent muscle aches, cramps and stiff joints because your blood circulation will be stimulated. If you would prefer using bed linen you can always do so, just remember to use natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk or satin.

The purest wool

Our summer quilt is made of a wonderful mix of cashmere merino wool and contains at least 500 grammes of pure virgin merino wool per square meter. When enjoying our products we guarantee that you will sleep with the best wool possible.

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