Purobed - Visco-BIO pillow | Test the new visco-pillow with air cells



Totally adjustable pillow that fits any neck

Investigations and developments have created this exclusive pillow produced with visco-elastic materials and with a 100% wool cover.

Exclusive pillow

The combination of the visco-elastic foam that the pillow is made of together with the soft cover, make it exclusive. You will get a pillow where you not only discharge the weight but also prevent from possible illnesses and allergies.

Pillows filling is 100% visco-elastic natural material that is made with esential oils and medicinal plants of natural origins and chemical agents free. This pillow adjusts to your head and neck perfectly and gives you the best support to avoid any muscle pains. In addition, it will help your circulation and the pillow will almost be a relief.

This pillow breaths when you lean on it

Our Bio pillow contains a large number of air holes that breath when they get weight. The air circulation in the pillow is one of the best and that’s why the moisture is suppressed successfully. We have to add that it also avoids mites appearance.

100% pure wool

The pillowcase is made of a wonderful mix of cashmere and merino wool - and at least 500 grammes pure virgin merino wool per square meter. We recommend using a case. Many times we use face creams and even hair products before going to bed, and our body does also dismiss dead skin cells from our head that can fade colour of the wool with time.

You just have to think of using a case made of natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk or satin. Then you will get all benefits that wool has.