More than 50% of world population sleep poorly - let’s find a solution

Researchs made all over the world verify that approximately half of the population sleeps poorly.

We sleep from 25 to 30 years in our lives which means a third part of it and that’s why it is important to have a good sleep. It is not only the hours that count, but the quality in them. Depending on how they have been it will reflect in how we wake up next morning. Wool protects and takes care of your body while it sleeps, it adjusts your body temperature and keeps you dry so that you are relaxed when you wake up. You have quality sleep.

Wool prevents diseases

Many things can affect our sleep. It could be an illness, personal problems, just to mention a few. A poor sleep affects us not only in a short term but also long term with physical and psychological problems. If we sleep in a correct environment and we use the correct materials in our beds, we can avoid and stop a lot of diseases.

Lack of sleep can make a person sick

Researchs show that lack of sleep can make a person sick. With lack of sleep a person will soon suffer of apathy and hallucinations. First symptoms are being agitated and grumpy, having less capability and less strengh. We will even feel saturated because our brain hasn’t had enough sleep. That’s how it shows how important a good sleep is for both our brain and our body.

But there is an easy solution - just by sleeping good in a correct environment with appropriate materials.